Age-friendly community gathering


The Age-Friendly Community Project will be using this column to update the public about our ongoing progress and to ask for your support. What’s the Age-Friendly Community Project? Since early summer a small group of local citizens has been meeting to begin exploring ways to make Bethel more supportive of healthy aging. With the support of the Town of Bethel and under the auspices of AARP, we are exploring what Bethel has and does not have in the areas of safe recreational facilities, affordable public transportation, age-friendly housing options, chances to socialize, multigenerational programs, volunteer activities, access to technological resources, home-based care services, and good, healthy food.

This week the group is hosting two public meetings to engage the community in discussion around these factors, and we will be reporting on those meetings in the near future. We will also be distributing a survey to local community members over 50. Please watch for opportunities to help us in this important venture. FMI: Jacquelyn Cressy (, 824-0508).


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