Move it or lose it presentation


“Move It or Lose It,” a lively audience participation program with different types and ways to exercise, will be presented by Betsey Foster, Karen Swanson and Patti Truman, on Thursday, April 7, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. at the Bethel Congregational Church, 32 Church Street, Bethel. The program is sponsored by To Your Health of Western Mountains Senior College (WMSC).
Dr. Catherine Chamberlin, a physician at the Bethel Family Health Center and an avid fitness supporter, will introduce the participants. She will also add her thoughts on the importance of fitness.
Audience members will learn from local experts about the benefits of several different ways to exercise. The audience will be invited to join the fun of trying these methods.
Betsey Foster, who has a Master’s Degree in Public Health from Boston University, studied Tai Chi and Qigong from leaders in the field for the past 28 years. She will explain and demonstrate the art form. She said she finds its health benefit invaluable for keeping one in good health. These arts stimulate the internal organs, improve balance, and are excellent therapies to help deal with many chronic conditions. Foster holds classes weekly in the Ripley Building at Stephens Memorial Hospital.
Seniors will get into the Zumba beat of the oldies as Patti Truman promises to tone down Zumba for seniors. She said, “Zumba is not a dance class as much as a movement class for all ages; it’s exercise in disguise.” She believes physical fitness is paramount for creating and maintaining health, stamina and a balanced sense of well-being, and it goes hand in hand with good nutrition habits. Her training consists of different forms of Zumba. She is certified to teach Bokwa, an aerobic workout, and became a personal trainer. Her other talents include Hypnotherapy, Counsilor and Life Coach. She has a new studio in Bethel called Leapz and Beatz.
Karen Swanson will introduce the audience to the benefits of chair yoga. She said, “Many people think of yoga as something for the young and flexible. However, those with more limitations in their body are apt to notice the benefits of deep breathing and slow movements even more dramatically.” As one of her chair yoga class members says, “I feel stronger and my balance is improving. I am definitely more conscious of my posture and breath.” Swanson has been teaching yoga for nearly 20 years. She is certified in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy, Thai-Shiatsu, Hellinger Family Constellation Therapy and Enwaken Energy Coaching. She has a retreat-like studio space in her home, as well as offering the chair yoga classes at the Methodist Church annex. She is also available for private sessions.
This program is sponsored as a community service by To Your Health of WMSC with the collaboration of Bethel Family Health Center and MSAD#44/Continuing Education. Admission is free and there will be light refreshments. For more information, call R. Tifft at 824-2053.


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