Third generation ski shop business


thomaLuke and Tracy Hiebert recently purchased Sport Thoma on Route 2 in Bethel from Luke’s uncle, Peter Kailey. Their ownership represents three generations of Luke’s family now having been in the ski shop business. His grandparents, Paul and Jean Kailey, owned Sunri Ski Shop, the original ski shop at Sunday River Ski Resort. Peter established and owns several Sport Thoma shops in New Hampshire and Maine, with the Bethel one being the newest (2013). Luke said he and Tracy will continue the business’ focus on ski racing, boot fitting, quality tuning, multi-seasonal sports (kayaking and fly fishing) equipment and apparel. The couple has an extensive background in ski racing, both having attended ski academies. Tracy, originally from New London, N.H., also works at Gould Academy, while Luke is a former real estate appraiser. They moved back to Bethel from Casco five years ago. The Hieberts have four children, the youngest of whom, Kira, 6, is believed to be the first fourth-generation skier at Sunday River.                     A. Aloisio


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