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The 2016-2017 Annual Giving Campaign for the Bethel Library will end June 30, 2017. To date, the library has received 125 gifts from individuals and businesses for a total of $11,010. While this is great news, it is still short of the $12,500 goal. Anyone wishing may still make a donation to the Library’s Annual Fund by either sending a check to the library at P.O. Box 130, Bethel, ME 04217, or by dropping it off at the library. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.
The trustees would like to thank the following for their generous contributions:George and Cheryl Angevine in memory of Mary Angevine, Cindy Adams in memory of Donna Mallahy, John and Pauline Applin, Nancy Babcock and David Walker, Judy Barker in memory of Dennis Barker, Brendon and Jean Bass, Jim and Ruth Bebko, Randall Bennett, Bethel Kitchen Designs in memory of Matthew Collins, Bethel Shop & Save in memory of Patricia Glidden, Merrill Bittner and Nancy Noppa, Melody and Garret Bonnema, Eileen and Michael Broderick, Don and Eleanor Brooks, Beth and Walter Brough, Musa Brown, Leland Brown, Nancy Brown in memory of Barry Crommett, Bill and Cindy Brown, Rosemary Bunn and John Laban, Edward Carter in memory of Gus Carter, Tom Carter, Barry and Claire Carver, Nina Chan, Tony and Amy Chapman in memory of Ruth W. Wight, Donald Christie Jr. in memory of Phyllis Chadbourne Heywood, Norman Clanton in memory of Sylvia D. Clanton, Michelle and Scott Cole, Joy Cooney in memory of Phyllis Heywood, Allen and Jacquelyn Cressy, Jarrod and Paige Crockett, Freda and Lawrence Davis, Margaret Davis in memory of Elsie Davis, Tom Davis in memory of Elsie Davis, Theodore and Linda Davis, Grace Douglass, Dennis and Betsy Doyon, Dutch and Elaine Dresser, Marilyn Dupuis in memory of Richard, Mary Lou Fiske in memory of A. James Fiske, Lincoln and Suzanne Fiske, Scott and Koral Fraser, David Freiday in honor of Ann Friedlander, Joan Gable, Linda Gamble, Peter and Mary-Ellen Gartner, John and Donna Gillis in memory of June Abbott, The Good Food Store, Robin Gorrell in memory of Alice Gorrell, Wende Gray, Jeri Greenwell, Mary Lou Haberman, Rodney Harrington, Walter Hatch, Susan Herlihy, Lorrie Hoeh in memory of Richard Hoeh, Stanley Howe, Linda and Robert Howe, Eleanor Jodrey in memory of Carol Hatch, Alice Keddy, Rebecca Kendall, Ron and Marguerite Kendall, KeyBank in honor of Marjorie Osgood, Bill Kieffer and William May in honor of John and Jan Todd, Arlene Lowell in honor of Linda Gamble, Carolyn MacDormand, Rachel MacKay, Mahoosuc Realty, Maine Line Products, Donna Mallahy, Ellen and David Manson, Bruce Marshman, Rosemary McLean, Karen McElroy, Nancy Mercer, Nina Mollicone in memory of Bernice Haines Noyes, Gemma Morrill-Dreher in memory of Shaun C. Morrill, Dave and Nancy Murphy, Cathy and Charlie Newell in memory of Pearl Tibbetts, Jack and Lucy Nordahl, Northeast Bank, Norway Savings Bank, Carolyn O’Brien in memory of Mary Chadbourne, Sue O’Donnell in memory of Michael J. O’Donnell and Natalie Timberlake, John O’Reilly and Nancy Eaton, James O’Rourke, Christine Otten, Marvin and Trijntje Ouwinga in memory of Ruth Barrett, Jean Owen, Bruce and Suzanne Pierce, Pooh Corner Farm, Bruce and Shirley Powell, Cecile Provencher in memory of David, Peter and Vicki Rackliffe, Betsy and Charlie Raymond, James and Julia Reuter, The Riverview Resort, Angela Ruffino, Lois Ruff in memory of Roberta Ruff, Marilyn Sahlberg, Bob and Jackie Schuesler in memory of Ken and Duffy Brooks, Lucia Schwarz, Kirk and Martha Siegel, Peter and Sarah Southam, Ann Speth, Larry Stifler and Mary McFadden, Janet Stowell in memory of Dexter Stowell, Gary and Anne Stuer, Ross and Becky Swan, Christopher Tarr, Sally and Richard Taylor, Bill Tout, Sarah Tucker in memory of Phyllis C. Heywood, William Ullman, Frank and Janet Vogt, W.J. Wheeler & Co., Dean and Priscella Walker, Pam Wegge, Bill and Nancy White, Merle and Gloria White in memory of Irene I. Wilson and Harold B. White, John and Susan White, Peggy and Steve Wight, Jane Young, and The Zinchuk Family.


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