Clark in Andover Concert Series Friday


Jewel Clark especially loves singing old traditional country but also combines that with a wider range of mixed genre familiar tunes, along with sharing songs she’s written, and of course … there’s also the “yodeling,” which she says “elevates your mood.” She said, “I’m sure it drives some people crazy, but most people generally react with smiles and wonder what the heck I’m doing! Jewel carries on the age-old tradition of yodeling which she learned from her father, Yodeling Slim Clark, who performed for 70 years, earning world wide fame with his amazing yodeling talent. Whether yodeling, singing, or prattling, Jewel most of all appreciates “connecting” with the audience and looks forward to performing on the Andover Common at 6 p.m. on Friday, July 14, as part of the Andover Summer Concert series, a project she greatly admires.


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