Conservation District offers Shoreline Buffer Planting


The Ellis Pond Watershed Protection Project in Roxbury is close to the end of its second summer. With cooler weather approaching, this fall is the perfect time to establish some vegetation along the shorelines of ponds and lakes. Planting vegetation along shorelines creates a great filter for stormwater runoff and helps protect ponds from nutrients, like phosphorous that can feed algae growth. Choosing the right plants for different types of conditions and locations is important for successful establishment.
Oxford County Soil & Water Conservation District (OCSWCD) is offering a Shoreline Buffer Planting presentation on Saturday, Sept. 9, 10:30 a.m. to noon at Ellis Pond in Roxbury, to provide guidance and information on how to plan and design buffer planting projects.
The presentation will cover how vegetative buffers work, how to pick the right native plants for a beautiful and effective buffer, and the many benefits buffers provide both for water (A well-established shoreline buffer helps protect water quality in ponds and lakes.) quality and wildlife. Participants will be provided with plant lists and a small ground cover plant to get started.
The presentation is free of charge and open to the public. Those interested in attending should contact Michele Windsor at Oxford County SWCD, by email at<> or call 744-3111.
Location details will be provided upon registration.
The Ellis Pond Watershed Protection Project is funded through a 319 Grant administered by the Maine DEP through the Clean Water Act.
This project also provides “residential matching grants” of up to $350 to property owners in the Ellis Pond watershed who plant shoreline buffers or implement other practices that prevent stormwater runoff from affecting the pond.
If you live in the Ellis Pond Watershed and are interested in planting a shoreline buffer or would like technical assistance designing and planning one, please contact Oxford County SWCD.


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