Update on LD 1082: SAD 44 residents testify at hearing

Local officials wait for the public hearing on LD 1082 to start on Wednesday. From left are Newry Town Administrator Loretta Powers, Bethel Town Manager Christine Landes, Woodstock Town Manager Vern Maxfield and SAD 44 Supt. Dave Murphy. Entering the room in the background is state Rep. Fran Head. (Photo: C. Newell)

“Listening to the testimony, our situations are drastically different.” That was Woodstock Town Manager Vern Maxfield’s take on SAD 44 and SAD 6 at Wednesday’s public hearing on LD 1082 in Augusta, before the Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs. (For background on the bill see related article this page.) The two school districts are […]

LD 1082 could hurt SAD 44 more than Newry withdrawal

LD 1082 is a school funding bill that, if passed by the Maine Legislature, could potentially impact SAD 44 more than Newry withdrawing from the district would, according to district officials. The bill is written to take effect Jan. 1 and would specifically affect SAD 44 and SAD 6. A public hearing on the proposal […]



Former Telstar High School baseball pitchers/teammates Danny Whitney (right) and Kyle Peterson of Bethel faced each other in an opposing game last week. “Kyle and Danny have played baseball together since the Petersons moved to Bethel, when they were around 8 or 9 years old, and they became best friends over the years as well,”said […]



Veteran Larry G. Smith of Bethel was presented his Eagle Head Cane on Friday, April 3 at the South Paris Veterans Home for disabilities sustained while on duty in the U.S. Army.  The cane was Made by Steven Hatch, a member of the Maine Wood Carvers & Western Mountain Wood Turners.

Frog listeners needed locally

Maine Audubon is looking for volunteers to “lend an ear” and help observe the presence of frogs and toads in their local area. Wood frogs, the Northern Leopard frog and other amphibians will be active in vernal pools and wetlands throughout the state in the next week or two. Because of the long and cold […]

Ben Taylor remembered

By Lindsey Tice, Sun Media When Ben Taylor was 7, his mother got him involved in golf. For him it was fun. For her it was a bit self-defense. Because Ben always had to be doing something. “From the moment he was born, he was on the go,” his mother, Margaret Taylor, said. It was […]



APRIL FOOL, OR DESPERATION?-A maple sugaring buff on Elm Street in Bethel placed Folger’s coffee cans on several maple trees, hoping to collect sap in what so far has been, according to some, an underwhelming season. Then, in perhaps a commentary on the sugaring situation, a sign of pure desperation, or just a little April […]



REMEMBERING KEITH IN MAPLE SUGARING SEASON-Keith Hodsdon, formerly of West Bethel, died earlier this month. In memory of him Sally Taylor of Bethel shared this photo of Hodsdon’s hands at his sugar house in West Bethel, showing the various grades of maple syrup he produced there. The photo is from Taylor’s collection from the 2003 […]



ANDOVER CURTAIN FINDS NEW LIFE-Andover’s old advertising curtain in the Town Hall was lowered for display at Saturday’s Town Meeting. The century-old curtain was cleaned and refurbished two years ago by a group from Vermont that specializes in such restorations. The $2,000 cost was provided through donations, including $1,000 from the Knights of Pythias organization. […]

To your health: ‘Joyful Living’

“Joyful Living,” facing the challenges of aging and coming through with joy, will be presented by To Your Health of Western Mountains Senior College on Thursday, April 9, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m., at the Bethel Congregational Church, 32 Church Street, Bethel. Living joyfully, music and laughter, and movement and dancing were all rated very […]