Mt. Abram Ski Club seeks support for ‘Give a Kid a Lift’

The Mt. Abram Ski Club is taking its support of local young skiers to a new level with the launch of its ‘Give a Kid a Lift’ program. The club is not the traditional member activity-oriented organization, according to member Laurie Fitch. Rather, it is a more of a foundation, with a 15-member volunteer board […]

Mt. Abram begins solar array installation

Mt. Abram has begun construction on a 244.915 Kw, 803 panel, photovoltaic solar project, according to a Sept. 24 press release. Expected to produce in excess of 280,000 kWh annually, the array will offset approximately 70 percent of the ski area’s annual electricity consumption. In the summer of 2013, the USDA awarded Mt. Abram a […]

Mt. Abram chairlift failure prompts new plan for remainder of season


The failure of a chairlift drive mechanism at Mt. Abram this past weekend has prompted the Greenwood ski area to change its ticket pricing for the rest of the season. General Manager Dave Scanlon described the problem and the plan in a general e-mail sent out Wednesday evening. Following is an excerpt: “Sunday afternoon we detected […]

“Cause for Laughter” at Mt. Abram

Ava and Tucker Sastamoine, Kelly Martineau's Children

Back for its second year, “Cause for Laughter” combines a rare blend of joy and community effort for very good affect. Founded by Kathleen (Kate) Carroll on behalf of her friend, Colleen Kersey Martineau, whose daughter Kelly Martineau’s children face nearly insurmountable health issues, Cause for Laughter raises substantial funds to support their ongoing treatments. […]